About Me

My name is Ansley and this is my blog.

The name of the blog/domain comes from a high school nickname and has nothing to do with Shamans. (I’m usually a ‘lock.)

By day, I am the manager of an amazing team of technical professionals dedicated to database technologies for an ECM software vendor. We support Microsoft’s SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and DB2. My background in IT goes back to 1996 when I worked for a startup ISP and progressed into web hosting and development of websites using classic ASP and sites with a database back-end. As I don’t really know the direction I will take with this blog, that sort of geekery may come up from time to time.

Additionally, I am the proud pet parent to an assortment of cats, fish, lizards and my beloved 17 year old beagle, Amos. That may come up too.

In 2014, I was privileged to take advantage of my employer’s sabbatical program. I took a month off from work and traveled to Louisiana to visit my dad and we built a teardrop trailer. The posts related to that experience can be found under the category of ‘Sabbatical’.

By night, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time playing Warcraft on Mal’Ganis (US, Horde) and having fun “raiding hordes/whores” with my friends and co-workers.

Outside of that, I’m not sure what to say about myself right now.


<3 – AI

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