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Driving Away

I guess it’s time I posted this last major build post. I’ll probably end up renaming and/or relocating the blog and continue with updates as the trailer build progresses. (Done.)¬†And there will be trips to document too … For now, here’s what happened. When we last left off, we had primed and sealed the exterior…


The Semi-Finale

Wow. Time flies when you’re busting your butt day and night to get a teardrop done. I’ve actually been home in Ohio for 3 days, back at work and back to reality, but I know I neglected posting for the past bit and wanted to update this to get everyone (that hasn’t already seen it)…

New Kitten - Tupelo

New Kitten, Steak and Headliner

It’s been a few days since my last update – we’ve been so busy with the trailer and honestly I’ve been so exhausted every night, I haven’t had the energy to post. But, I’ve found some tonight. First, as you may have heard from other social media, I’ve adopted a new kitten from my dad’s…