Visible Progress

After two days of mostly structural work, Rolbak is finally starting to look like a Teardrop. You’ll have to wade through the structural stuff like we did before you can see the good stuff. (Or scroll down, if you’re lazy.)

Wiring of the rear running lights (red) completed, grounded and clipped up well.


Then we countersank the flooring/subfloor to fit over the 3/8″ bolts in the trailer frame.


Frito was very helpful through the floor installation part. She held everything down and only required pets for payment.


Sometimes you have to fix the tools … the miter saw had quite a jam of sawdust that was preventing it from lifting up. (Amos was helping.)

We added 2×4 supports under both ends to round out where the trailer frame ends and where the floor extends in each direction. A little extra support, at least in the front.


We ended up with quite the sandwich – 1/2″ ply floor, 1×2 framed subfloor and 2x4s as support/evening out the frame.


Then we started drill and countersinking holes to attach the side walls to the frame and for the roof spars. (Again, Amos is helping.)
The next morning, we were ready to put the sides on temporarily to make sure they’re even and to start measuring, cutting and dry fitting cabinets. First side is up!
Both sides, with two temporary spars holding them apart 48″.
Looking through …


The cabin, with Amos for scale.


Next, we started cutting 3/4″ plywood for the cabinets, galley and bulkhead. The circular saw proved to be a complete pain so we used the jigsaw and came up with some clever guides to ensure we had straight lines. By the end of the 7 or 8 pieces we had it down to a science.
The bulkhead in place (ugly side out towards the galley since it will be the cabinet back).
Making sure there’s room for the cooler and battery box in the lower galley cabinets.


That lower cabinet face will get cut out to allow the cooler to slide in and out. Then we’ll make a door on the left side for access to the battery. The counter is also in place as well as the front of the upper galley cabinets which will also be cut for cabinets and doors.


The view from the cabin, showing the electrical raceway (that small shelf in the middle). The bulkhead will show through to the cabin and the portion above the raceway will have another piece (or two?) in front of it for the cabin cabinets which will be above my feet.


Another view from inside the cabin with the raceway positioned in place.


Now, onto sanding down the cabinet edges, marking their final locations and then we’ll take the sides down to finish the insides of them and cut templates for the hatch ribs.